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Stat of the Day: There were 70,472 incidents of suspected mortgage fraud in 2010. This is a 1,900% increase since 2000.
-U.S. Department of Treasury


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Do you take the SAT/ACT serious enough?

It is amazing how many students don’t take the SAT/ACT test serious or have the misconception that you “can’t” study for either one.  Based on your budget, there are a ton of different options to prepare for the SAT/ACT. You can use free online resources for both the SAT and ACT, you can purchase books on Amazon starting at $5, or if your willing to spend a little more, you can take SAT courses online or ACT course online at your pace starting at $200 or work directly with a tutor 1-on-1 this summer for around $700.  As boring as studying for these tests can be, many of these resources cite significant improvement with a bit of studying and the online or 1-on-1 services often offer money back guarantees and/or free-trials if you do not see the desired results!


Guest Blog: What High School Classes Should You Take To Increase Your ACT Score?

This weeks guest blog comes from John Baylor of John Baylor Test Prep.

3 Tips for High School Students to Standout in the Crowd come admissions time

Guest Blog: Top 10 Questions Parents Ask About College

Suzanne Shaffer is the creator of Parents Countdown to College Coach where her vision is to help parents navigate the college maze by providing the right tools for organization and success.We’re featuring Suzanne this week in our Guest Blog segment to discuss the top 10 questions she’s been asked by parents over the past years serving as an expert in the college admissions process.


3 Tips to Keep Students from Falling Behind this Summer

Everyone knows that the SAT/ACT can play a role in a student’s chances of getting into college, but how much importance should we put on these tests? According to a recent study of 740 high school counselors by Arizona State University MBA graduates, it is the second most important factor for a high school student looking to get into a top college behind preparing early and not waiting till it’s too late to apply or bring up their GPA.

College Potential Calculator

The College Potential Calculator is a tool to help make finding colleges and scholarships simple, fast, and free. Sorting options are available for finding colleges by location, national rank, or annual cost. It is free to user for users so register now!


Another tool geared toward helping our members in their education, the Syllabus Calculator allows teachers and students to track class and individual grading trends through use of a well build syllabus system accessible for free to all registered user.